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Welcome to Foxton Primary School

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Friday 22nd May - Achievement Assembly - School Hall - 2.45pm - Class Achievement Cups to be presented for Numeracy Progress. 

Writing Workshop


On Thursday 14th May, Year 5 children were treated to a brilliant writing workshop led by Hannah Stevens and Dr Alex Plasatis from the Creative Writing Centre at Leicester University.
Staff at Foxton School had approached Leicester University as part of its work to bring about improvement in boys' writing. National trends show a gap in writing attainment between boys and girls in primary schools; staff at Foxton school are keen to find innovative ways to close the gap there. 
The children were thrilled when 'Doctors of Writing' appeared in their class room and they responded with enthusiasm and engagement to the activities, which were designed to  free their imagination. 
One Year 5 said,  'I loved the workshop because Hannah and Alex let us feel free about what we wanted to write.  It was really exciting and challenging, in a good way.' 
We hope that this will be the start of an exciting collaboration.


Education Quality Adviser Visit

On Thursday 7th May an Education Quality Adviser visited the school.  She reported that we had increased our expectations of the children which has deepened the pupils understanding. Good teaching and learning supports good outcomes for pupils. The children's books also reflected the level of work achieved by pupils showing the high standard of attainment and progress. We were also praised for how well our data had been prepared. 

Our SATs Data

We are really pleased with our results - well done children. Our School Improvement Plan focusses on increasing the percentage of children attaining Level 4 and Level 5 this year.

Summer Dancing