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Autumn Term 2021 – Wednesday 25th August


A summary of the arrangements for parents and families

Fox Cubs

Class 1 (Year 1 and 2)

Class 2 (Year 3 and 4)

Class 3 (Year 5 and 6)

To help parents and families understand the actions we are taking to help keep everyone safe and our expectations of everyone, the information below summarises the main points in the risk assessment.  We hope you find this information useful:

When will the children start back at school?

Children will start back at school on Wednesday 25th August.


Do they need to wear uniform?

Yes, we always expect all children to wear full uniform.

  • Grey trousers / shorts, skirt or dress (not black)
  • White polo shirt / shirt
  • Red sweatshirt / red jumper / red cardigan
  • Red & white gingham dress for the summer
  • Red or grey tights
  • Black school shoes
  • Black Indoor footwear

School will be open on Monday 23rd August and Tuesday 24th August from 8am until 5pm should you wish to purchase uniform.

Children can bring a bag to school, however, they are not allowed to bring unnecessary items from home.  They must only bring things like a water bottle, P.E. kit, sunscreen, sunhat and reading book and planner.  All items MUST be named clearly.


All adults must always maintain social distancing to reduce the chance of transmitting the virus.  Adults waiting to collect children can wait on the front playground or pavement along the front of the school.


Where will I drop-off my child from?

Older children can be dropped off on the pavement alongside school and walk in by themselves.  Or at the cloakroom doors specified in the class information.


What hygiene measures are in place? What are you doing to keep the school clean?

We have hygiene kits in each classroom, including cleaning products and equipment.

  • Surfaces are cleaned regularly and all equipment is cleaned in between use.
  • Toilets are cleaned three times a day.
  • Whole school gets a thorough clean in the morning.
  • We have removed lots of the equipment and items from the rooms to ensure surfaces are easily cleaned.
  • Children are expected to wash their hands multiple times throughout the day, staff will support and supervise handwashing where it is appropriate, and we have visual reminders in all the toilets and sink areas about good handwashing.
  • We have plenty of tissues and remind children about good hygiene.
  • We have supplies of hand-gel throughout the school and hand sanitiser in each class. children are expected to use this regularly (in addition to handwashing).

What equipment will be available to the children? What will they need to bring from home?

  • All children will be given their own equipment.
  • Any equipment that does need to be shared will be cleaned thoroughly in between uses.
  • Children will be expected to bring a named water bottle to school. This will stay on their desk to reduce movement around the classroom.
  • Reading books will be sent home and they will be cleaned after they have been returned and will only be permitted to go back onto bookshelves after 72 hours.
  • Children must bring a pair of indoor shoes to change into when inside school, these are to be kept in school.
  • PE Kit is required: white T-shirt, plain black shorts, tracksuit for when it is cold outside and outdoor trainers. Children MUST have all the kit for PE.


Do the normal rules and expectations still apply?

Absolutely!  We have very high expectations for behaviour and attitude and we expect all children to meet our expectations:

            1.         We listen to and follow instructions.

            2.         We are always positive, honest and helpful.

            3.         We keep hands, feet, objects and unkind words to ourselves.

            4.         We look after our school.


Some children may need additional support and guidance to meet the expectations so we will continue to use our behaviour systems.



The school employs the following range of rewards:

•           Praise, both formal and informal.

•           Dojo Points towards Golden Time.

•           Material and token rewards (stickers/stars, certificates, monthly class trophy, end of year shield, prize box).

•           Exceptional Work Stamps and acknowledgement in Achievement Assembly.

•           Opportunities for greater possibilities (library monitor, head boy/girl).



•           Verbal warning.

•           Red card – 5 minutes off the next break time or lunchtime.

•           10 minutes time-out with another teacher (quiet reflection/complete work).

•           Withdrawing participation in a school trip or sporting event.

•           Kept in at break and/or lunchtime.

•           Sent directly to the Head Teacher.


It would be very useful for parents to begin to talk to their child about the school expectations and routines before the start of the Autumn Term particularly if the routine at home has not been maintained during the recent closure.

  • If the bedtime routine has not been maintained, we strongly recommend parents begin to re-establish this important routine as soon as possible.


Click for ‘Tips for Parents and Carers – supporting children as they return to primary school’ developed by Leicestershire Educational Psychology Service.


What happens if a child gets ill in my child’s group?

No child or adult showing signs of infection are allowed on the premises.  Staff and pupils are required to have immediate tests if they show symptoms.  If a child is sent home with symptoms, we expect parents arrange a test for the child.  We will request evidence of a negative test result (i.e. the text message from the NHS) before the child is allowed back to school.


A thermometer will be used if any child or adult displays symptoms and their temperature will be recorded.


Any child who displays any symptoms of Covid-19 must be collected immediately.  When the child is awaiting collection, they will be moved to a room where they can be isolated behind a closed door with a window.  We will use old music room depending on the age of the child with appropriate adult supervision.


The adult supervising the child will wear PPE clothing when dealing with a suspected case; this includes a face mask, face shield/visor, apron and gloves.


What if my child, or one of our family members, becomes ill?

If a member of a child’s household tests positive for Covid-19, the child and the household members must self-isolate for 14 days.  The other children and staff in the child’s group do not have to self-isolate.


Can the children arrive and depart on scooters and bikes?



What are the fire alarm arrangements?

If the fire alarm sound these are the instructions for the different areas of the school:


Children in Fox Cubs

Exit through the double doors.

Congregate on the front playground near the shed.


Children in Class One

Exit through the Hall door.

Congregate on the field near the Bike Shelter.


Children in Class Two

Exit through Class One Cloakroom.

Congregate near the Ball Wall.


Children in Class Three

Exit through Class Two Cloakroom.

Congregate near green gate.



Exit through the Front Door.

Wait outside green fence, near office door.



Exit through Kitchen Door.

Wait near Front Door.


A Fire Drill will take place week beginning 6th September.


If any parents have any questions, please contact the school office and we will endeavour to answer your queries.


Everyone’s health and safety is our priority and we hope that, by reading this document, all parents and families are reassured that the school staff are taking every possible measure to create a happy, healthy and safe learning environment.