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  • 24/05/24

    Friday 24th May 2024

    This week’s session we focused on symbiosis: the way species can work together in nature for their mutual benefit.  Thanks to an eagle-eyed  Ellie in Year 6 for spotting the red veined dock leaf that was plastered in black and green bugs: aphids.  The children found it harder to...
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  • 16/05/24

    Thursday 16th May 2024

    This week we focused on Number 15 of our global goals and I was so pleased when four hands went up when I asked what No.15 was?  Life on Land offered Kit!  We talked about what biodiversity means (variety of lifeforms) and how many species might be in our nature area.  After many gues...
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  • 09/05/24

    Thursday 9th May 2024

    What a glorious day! We started off with what we could hear apart from children and that was a robin and a lamb. Then, I asked the children to go round and count all the flowers they could in the nature area. They managed between them bluebell, garlic mustard, rosemary, periwinkle, daisy, buttercup...
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  • 02/05/24

    Thursday 2nd May 2024

    Hot on the heels of the National Trust nature photography competition, (results pending), we are now taking part in the RHS Big Sow.  Some of our school compost is now ready to use once we pot the seeds on and we will also be able to make use of all the rain that has accumulated in our rain but...
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  • 26/04/24

    Friday 26th April 2024

    This week was the final chance to take photos for the competition.  We have been lucky with the weather during the lunchtimes and the children have got very adept with the zoom in facility.  There are different age groups and the whole competition actually went up to 16 years.  We wil...
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  • 19/04/24

    Friday 19th April 2024

    Another week of collecting photographs for the competition, this time using ipads to zoom in. Luckily, the rain stopped and the sun came out.   So far, we have had pond larvae, pond snails, Shasta daisies, bluebells, daisies and rosemary.  Next week is the last chance, and we are hopi...
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  • 11/04/24

    Thursday 11th April 2024

    For the next three sessions nature clubbers will be photographing nature for a competition in conjunction with the National Trust.  It can be of absolutely anything that isn’t human and is natural.  So far we have had plants, insects, fungus, flowers.  Mating ladybirds, milliped...
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  • 21/03/24

    Thursday 21st March 2024

    We started by sampling some garlic mustard and dandelion leaf.  The children know to NEVER eat anything without expert supervision and I repeated this and that I only eat things in my garden or nature area, because I know that they haven’t been sprayed.  Everyone had a taste and most...
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  • 15/03/24

    Friday 15th March 2024

    This week there was mulch to do with nature club.  Using some of the leaf mould in the car park, we gave the fruit trees a good mulching as we do every spring and autumn to suppress the weeds and keep the soil hydrated and intact.  Louisa did a quick health check and the apple blossom was...
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  • 29/02/24

    Thursday 29th February 2024

    Since March 1st will be with us tomorrow and we will be in the first day of Spring, we decided to spring clean our pond!  All the rain means that we have not had to fill the pond or rain butt, but all the wind has left a lot of leaves and branches in the pond.  We had 4 rules: shallow dipp...
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  • 16/02/24

    Friday 16th February 2024

    It could almost have been spring today, as it was so sunny and warm and a welcome break from all the rain.  We carried on with the bird song quiz.  They found the robin very easy to identify, as well as the woodpigeon, blue tit, crow and magpie.  There were 20 birds in all.  We t...
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  • 09/02/24

    Friday 9th February 2024

    My original plan for nature club was to study clouds, but the weather had other ideas, so that will have to wait for another week.  Instead, we had a go at seeing how many birdsongs we could identify.  It was a rare case of holding nature club indoors, as the rain was pelting down on the c...
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