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  • 09/02/24

    Friday 9th February 2024

    My original plan for nature club was to study clouds, but the weather had other ideas, so that will have to wait for another week.  Instead, we had a go at seeing how many birdsongs we could identify.  It was a rare case of holding nature club indoors, as the rain was pelting down on the c...
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  • 02/02/24

    Friday 2nd February 2024

    This week we decided to shift our focus away from plants and to animals, specifically badgers! The wildlife camera has managed to capture our family of badgers here many a time, so the children already knew some things about badgers, but after our quiz, they were badger experts.  Some of the qu...
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  • 25/01/24

    Thursday 25th January 2024

    As we are taking part in the RSPB's British Bird Watch, we decided to make some fat balls for our birds. There was some Maths involved, which they all chipped in with. The balls had to contain a ratio of one part lard to 2 parts seed. There was 250g of lard. Eva was reluctant to handle the lard...
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  • 19/01/24

    Friday 19th January 2024

    What a beautiful frosty day to be outside.  Following on from Lucas's suggestion that we could make mud paint, we did just that and three other colours.  As our soil contains a lot of clay here at Foxton, it created a lovely warm shade of brown.  Unfortunately, we couldn't use...
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  • 21/12/23

    Thursday 21st December 2023

    Well what a way to end nature club, with our voices competing with the wind, which had a decidedly wintry bite to it.  Unfortunately, some naughty elves seem to have hidden the school camera, so you will have to imagine our attempts to sing The Holly and The Ivy in the round!  Year 5 had a...
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  • 14/12/23

    Thursday 14th December 2023

    Now that winter is here and the pollinators are no longer around, we are able to responsibly use our herbs and plants. We have cooked quite a few times, so on this occasion, we used pressed herbs to start making some bookmarks which will be completed next week. There was parsley, sage, rosemary, ore...
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  • 30/11/23

    Thursday 30th November 2023

    I had planned to perform a collective acrostic poem celebrating autumn today, but the weather decided winter was here already, which is quite fitting since winter officially begins on 1st December. Instead, we performed a collective poem to mark the end of autumn!  The pond and nature area is c...
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  • 24/11/23

    Friday 24th November 2023

    Thanks to Mr Norman planting onions and garlic last year, we were able to harvest them last week and enjoy onion tart. First of all, they went and picked a load of thyme to garnish the tart and then began finely chopping the onions.  We then sweated them down for 30 minutes so that they caramel...
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  • 16/11/23

    Thursday 16th November 2023

    As it has turned a bit cooler, nature club built animal and bug hotels for those creatures that will become more dormant over the winter. They had to use materials they could find, choose a sheltered location and ensure creatures could get inside.  Leaves, twigs, rope and cardboard were used. W...
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  • 10/11/23

    Friday 10th November 2023

    Apart from Louisa, no-one has used their herbs yet.  Louisa had a go at a mint tea infusion, but didn’t really like it and doesn’t need it for indigestion, but well done for having a go.  This week we had a meeting to plan the rest of this term’s events and each child cho...
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  • 03/11/23

    Friday 3rd November 2023

    During a very wet nature club session, we learnt all about worms.  Sometimes our most taken for granted wildlife can be surprisingly interesting.  We have about 31 species of worms in the UK, but only see about three of them.  We started off with the UK’s biggest which can burro...
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  • 27/10/23

    Friday 27th October 2023

    Today nature club were on a mission to look for signs of autumn. They covered a lot about flora and fauna, but I decided to concentrate on the different coloured leaves they had gathered and what those colours tell us. We started by thinking what autumn feels like for the tree as it gets darker and...
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