Thursday 16th May 2024

This week we focused on Number 15 of our global goals and I was so pleased when four hands went up when I asked what No.15 was?  Life on Land offered Kit!  We talked about what biodiversity means (variety of lifeforms) and how many species might be in our nature area.  After many guesses regarding the pond ( which has added the most biodiversity to the area), Grace got closest with 900.  It supports a staggering 1000 species.  When I asked them for the differences between plants and animals our conversation turned to what photosynthesis means (using light to make food) and all the younger children even were able to tell me what a plant needs to make its own food.  Despite the rain, I then led them to the area where bushes had been planted and asked what single species had taken over?  A chorus of Garlic Mustard.  What where they not getting?  Again, a chorus of light. With all hands to the deck they made short work of pulling up the garlic mustard which is taking all the light away from the shrubs and tree saplings.  We stripped the leaves off to cook with-they will be frozen for next time, but made sure that we didn’t compost the flowers, otherwise the compost will be full of garlic mustard seeds.  We have already used half of our compost to mulch all the fruit trees and bushes.  Luckily, I took a photo earlier in the week of our lovely herb bed and we are hoping to sell posies of the herbs for cooking or bathtime at the Family Fun Day, so please come and have some.