Friday 18th November 2022

Our session began with adding our wonderful animal leaf pictures to our display board, (we are going to use a lot of our leaves outside to make mulch). This was followed with a lovely group discussion about why Mrs Ward-Langman had some acorns, a bag of soil and a glass of water. The theories were all logical, but actually we were about to see if the acorns floated or sank. They were all correct in predicting that the bad seeds would float because they had no seed inside! They each had a go and we had 3 good ones and 7 duds. We then learnt that some seeds need a cold spell to germinate, called stratification. So, I will be keeping the acorns in the soil bag in my fridge for the next 6 weeks. Watch this space.

Mindful that the pond would not be accessible next week ( we are very excited about the plans for the nature area), we used this opportunity to clear debris from the pond. Finally, they each took a daffodil bulb and planted it around the edge of the field.