Thursday 9th March 2023

As the snow turned to rain, any hopes of snow sculpture faded so instead with the help of the Woodland Trust Guide, the children braved the cold to go out looking for animal tracks.  Louisa was the first to spot the tell-tale signs of urine in the nature area, which then led to her spotting some rabbit prints.  We then tracked these all along the edge of the nature area right up to the pond, so perhaps it had a drink.  We managed to take a photo of this print.  After this the rain meant that we had to abandon the camera, but we think there may have been some badger prints too.  The Woodland Trust guide can be found from this link.

Snow is an ideal time to see bright-coloured birds like the Redwing we spotted three weeks ago. Unfortunately, the poor weather meant that the birds were sheltered well out of view.  We are starting to put up our spring display from what we discovered about signs of spring.  It is officially springtime, so we just need to wait for the weather to catch up!