Thursday 18th May 2023

For the rest of this year, nature club members have been allowed to choose an activity to lead and they all chose cooking!  Today, it was the turn of our newly appointed Head Chef Anya and her cooking team Lila, Louisa and Parker.  First of all, she went to the nature area and chose two herbs for her tomato sauce: oregano and thyme.  Then, at dinner time they brainstormed why it was good to grow our own food and came up with some great points on the whiteboard.  After washing their hands they weighed out the pasta and I poured on the boiling water.  Anya stirred it and the team set up an 8 minute timer, as Anya said it would take 8 minutes.  The pasta was then drained through a colander and Anya stirred in the tomato and pepper sauce.  Everyone tore the herbs into pieces in the sauce, which Anya then served up and gave out.  Everyone thought it was delicious and Anya named the dish Deliciopas.  Even Mr Norman and Mr Cruickshank had a little portion and thoroughly enjoyed it.