Thursday 8th June 2023

Today our schedule changed as our Head Chef forgot her ingredients to cook with herbs!  Not a problem as she will get another opportunity in a couple of weeks.  Instead, we headed out to the nature area and our two raised beds-one in the back and one on the front of the school.  We have labelled and watered everything and it was lovely to see pollinators on the thyme which is covered in delicate little blue flowers.  Whilst removing some weeds, we talked about what we had found:  Fumitory and pineapple weed , so-called because it smells of pineapple when you crush the yellow flowers.  All of our fruit trees are looking healthy except for one of the blackcurrant bushes out the front, but three out of four isn't at all bad. 

At the back, we have thyme, lemon thyme, mint, oregano, lovage, sage, parsley, fennel and lavender as well as pear, apple, and plum trees.

At the front we have two courgette plants, two blackcurrant bushes and one raspberry. 

 We also admired the wild area and everyone had a go at naming something they could see: daisies, docks, buttercups, nettles, butterfly bush and St John's wort, as well as various grasses.  We are going to have to fill the pond up again soon as the water is evaporating in the heat, but we saw lots of snails and water boatmen and the watermint has grown incredibly.  Next week, we should be back in the kitchen.