Thursday 14th September 2023

Nature club have made a list for the rest of the term for jobs we need to do.  Some of them have already been crossed off!  Firstly, we moved the composter into the field, so that children can put their apple cores, banana skins etc in it at play times.  Then, we used the wheelbarrow to gather up some of the grass cuttings and put them in it.  Finally, we moved the contents from the nature area into the composter.  Nature clubbers will be telling the rest of the school where to put their peelings in a forthcoming assembly.  I also forgot to say last week, a huge thank you to all the children, parents and carers who raised £30 at the end of last year from the cake sale.   Half of this money will be used to buy compost worms for our wormery and the rest will be for perennial plants (ideally native ones that attract pollinators) which the children are currently researching and choosing.  Next week we are harvesting onion, garlic, lovage and courgette to make a lovage soup, so watch this space! I am going to be contacting LTS to get permission for us to add some of the kitchen waste to the composter.