Friday 22nd September 2023

Last year nature club used nettles to make fertilizer and nettle soup, so this autumn we had a go at making Lovage soup.  It was based on a Roman recipe, but I brought a potato from home to act as a thickener. We learnt that the name Lovage is derived from the place-name Liguria in Italy and that the Romans brought the plant to Britain. From our nature area we used 2 small courgettes, onions, garlic and about 20 leaves of Lovage.  With the addition of a stock cube and boiling water, it made a really peppery soup a bit  like celery.  All the children helped chop and stir.  Unfortunately, there was only time for everyone to have a taste, so I have frozen it for next week, when we may be able to eat it outside.  Mrs Foster had a taste and thought it was a Thai recipe!