Thursday 21st March 2024

We started by sampling some garlic mustard and dandelion leaf.  The children know to NEVER eat anything without expert supervision and I repeated this and that I only eat things in my garden or nature area, because I know that they haven’t been sprayed.  Everyone had a taste and most preferred the more mellow garlic mustard than the more bitter dandelion.  We didn’t have time to talk about all the benefits to the environment and to us via their nutrition-that will keep for another time.  After planting honeysuckle and jasmine-good for the pollinators,  we set about labelling the different plants, so-called weeds and fungi in the nature area.  Older children worked with younger ones in teams and labelled several:  garlic mustard, spear thistle, ivy, holly, bamboo, rose, vinca, globe thistle…to name but a few.  Hopefully, they will be able to guide anyone in the nature area now to these plants and we will be finding out some more about their benefits and pollinators next term.  En route, Lucas spotted a very interesting walnut that had been nibbled at (photo on camera), and was prepared to bet £50, 000 pounds that it was a squirrel.  I didn’t take him up on his bet, but he was correct!  The children also spotted a beautiful leaf that had decayed-photo attached.  The children worked brilliantly together.