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October 2022

  • 27/10/22

    Thursday 27th October 2022

    Owing to tag rugby, our numbers were somewhat depleted this week. Millipedes, beetles and worms were observed in the posters, whilst indoors Louisa and Parker in Year 4 began planning how to build their formicarium for ants and Bertie began writing his factfile about cinnabar moth caterpillars. Watc...
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  • 16/10/22

    Friday 14th October 2022

    It was really gratifying to hear on Radio 4 this morning how young people are more likely to pursue biodiversity if they can identify the plants and trees around them and use common plants like brambles and nettles. This is exactly what we have been doing in nature club and it was especially encoura...
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  • 12/10/22

    Tuesday 12th October 2022

    Nature club were really excited to be welcoming Mr Norman, our Headteacher to Nature Club on Thursday. As well as planning what they would like to show him in the pond and orchard area, they have also been thinking about how their club has tried to meet some of the UN goals for sustainable developme...
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  • 06/10/22

    Thursday 6th October 2022

    Apart from our usual maintenance duties around the pond and orchard, we also took time to lift up the tarpaulin repressing weeds in the nature area, to reveal spiders, millipedes, earwigs and an unusual orange coloured moth. Everything was a bit too quick moving to capture on iPads. The children are...
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October 2022