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September 2023

  • 28/09/23

    Thursday 28th September 2023

    As part of our ongoing commitment to more responsible food production and consumption, we were very excited to unpack our worms and put them in the bottom of the wormery. Food scraps and tea bags have gone in the tray above and even the dregs of the lovage soup. Waste from the staff room was then pu...
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  • 22/09/23

    Friday 22nd September 2023

    Last year nature club used nettles to make fertilizer and nettle soup, so this autumn we had a go at making Lovage soup.  It was based on a Roman recipe, but I brought a potato from home to act as a thickener. We learnt that the name Lovage is derived from the place-name Liguria in Italy and th...
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  • 14/09/23

    Thursday 14th September 2023

    Nature club have made a list for the rest of the term for jobs we need to do.  Some of them have already been crossed off!  Firstly, we moved the composter into the field, so that children can put their apple cores, banana skins etc in it at play times.  Then, we used the wheelbarrow...
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  • 08/09/23

    Thursday 7th September 2023

    As we are experiencing a mini heatwave the nature clubbers watered everything except the Mediterranean herb bed which was humming with bees. One of our fruit trees, the Victoria plum, has produced fruit in its second year. We counted 22 and they weighed in at 5 oz. They washed them and enjoyed eatin...
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  • 01/09/23

    Thursday 31st August 2023

    Our first nature club meeting of the year unsurprisingly involved weeding and watering.  The herb bed is absolutely flourishing and  full of pollinators as almost every plant is flowering.  The eagle-eyed children spotted various bugs which you might be able to pick out in the photo o...
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September 2023