Conversion Consultation

Dear Parents & Carers,

Our Governors have been reviewing where our school sits in terms of the local education landscape and have been actively considering the issue of whether we should convert to an academy. At the heart of our conversations have been the best interests of your children.

The Governors have decided that it is in the best interests of the school to now convert, and to join with Symphony Learning Trust. This is a big decision and not one that they take lightly. As part of this process the Governors are launching a consultation with you, and the wider community about this decision. 

We have established a microsite at which provides more information that I can in a single letter. We have arranged to have a consultation event on the 26th October, at 5:30pm at the school where we can answer your questions directly and talk more about our vision and why we believe this is the right journey for us. I do hope you can join us for this event. However, the consultation runs until the 10th November so there is plenty of time to raise any questions and give us your opinion.

It is important that you also are aware that I am fully supportive of the proposal, and I believe, so are the staff at the school. We will be running a specific staff consultation to comply with legislation requirements should we move forward with this proposal.

Please do review the above website, and let us know your thoughts.

Best wishes,

Mr Norman