Goalkeeper Award

Our Goalkeeper Award recognises those who, inspired by our curriculum and call for global citizenship, independently take action to address one or more of the Global Goals.

To find out how to become a Goalkeeper, please read through our case studies and download the attachment below.

Case Studies

Elsie - "I wanted to make a difference"

Elsie Farnham​


I wanted to make a difference.

I decided to litter pick around Market Harborough. Mr Norman gave us an assembly about the Global Goals. He inspired me to litter pick because I wanted to make the world a cleaner and better place. I asked my neighbour if I could borrow her litter picker and asked if she would like to help me, as we have done litter picking together before. We collected 2 large bags of rubbish; it was very heavy. We picked up over 300 pieces of rubbish altogether!  

When I thought about the Global Goals, I hoped litter picking would fit in with Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation, 13 – Climate Action, 14 – Life Below Water and 15 – Life on Land. Pollution can cause lots of damage to our environment and ecosystem and I wanted to help the creatures that live alongside us. I hoped litter picking would inspire others to look after our world and put their rubbish in the bin and maybe consider what good deeds they could do for our planet too.

I felt sad seeing the big bags of rubbish but happy that I had achieved my goal and potentially stopped some creatures suffering. I had fun in the fresh air too.

The assembly inspired me to litter pick to help our community and environment. As soon as I had the idea, I told my mum, and we came up with a plan together. I felt proud of myself, and I had fun too. My advice would be, if you have an idea to help the world, tell an adult, make a plan and do it! Your action could help the world and inspire others to do the same.

Adeline - "It's a chance to make the world a better place"

Adeline Pauls


It's a chance to make the world a better place.

I did litter picking and planting trees at school in the outdoor classroom. Animals and plants could get poorly if they eat litter, and I like animals. 

I did litter picking in Gumley Village and up the lane, I also did litter picking on the beach on my holiday in Cornwall. 

The Global Goal I got my badge for was Life on Land. It made me feel warm inside and if other children want to help too they could make posters, because it helps people listen to what you're trying to say and it's a chance to make the world a better place.

Bridey - "I felt relieved and like I had just saved lots of turtles"

Bridey Hubble


I felt relieved and like I had just saved lots of turtles.

Whilst on holiday in Greece, I was walking on the beach and saw lots of rubbish in the shallows of the sea and lots around me. So, I decided to gather it up and lucky turtles because it was a really long walk! At the beginning, I looked at the paths of the adult turtle trails in the sand to see where they and their baby turtles might be going to get to the water’s edge.

I think this action represents Goal 14: Life Below Water because the turtles live below water.

When we finished, I felt relieved and like I had just saved lots of turtles. This is me now looking back: I did save lots of turtles!

I hope that this makes younger children want to help save the turtles from suffering. They suffer because people don't just find a bin to put their litter in. Instead, they just drop it randomly on the sand or children dig a hole and leave it there and run away.

My advice to you is don’t throw your rubbish and your litter on the beach, because you never know what might hatch and get stuck in your litter. If you want to help little turtles, you shouldn’t be leaving your rubbish on the beach. Once you have picked it up, you can spread the word just like I did for you.