Foxton has a proud history of being a warm and friendly school with high expectations for all the pupils that attend. The role of the Governing body is to support the whole school as they strive to build on this wonderful heritage. The school is fortunate to be graced with a broad spectrum of gifted and devoted staff who truly care. They are led by George Norman who brings with him a wealth of experience and dedication which will allow the school to grow from the foundations laid by his predecessors.

Wide-ranging extracurricular activities are valued within our approach to education and pupils are encouraged to broaden their horizons during their time here. Good behaviour and attendance are also expected by the school and in return pupils are nurtured and challenged throughout their education.

As Chair of Governors, I have the support of an excellent team of fellow governors, many of whom have links to the school both past and present. We have ensured the school is financially stable and well-resourced to meet the demands of its pupils. We will continue to undertake this fundamental role and welcome parental input on opportunities for improvement. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we look forward to welcoming you to Foxton in the future.

Kevin Collins

Chair of Governors